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La Riviera Trattoria-Italian Restaurant

La Riviera Trattoria has been regarded as one of the finest Italian restaurants in Clifton, New Jersey (NJ), and over the years La Riviera has been creating the ambiance of having the comprehensive European luxury accompanied with the palate-enlightening cuisines, since the last 35 years of its existence.

La Riviera Trattoria-the perfect place to exclusively serve Italian traditional cuisines and its authentic menu in Clifton, New Jersey (NJ) 

As an inclusion of the Italian traditions, we at La Rivera Trattoria take its pride of the rich Italian tradition and its profound history; we include the most authentic Italian menu which is being served exclusively to our esteemed guests who come in search for traditional Italian recipe and La Rivera Trattoria in Clifton, New Jersey (NJ). As per the Italian tradition, we take our recognition as one of the best Italian restaurant to have accommodated the decanter to offer the wine as a start-up’s rather than the bottle which is conventionally used in other restaurants that come to dine with us.

Our popularity has constantly been towards certain notable components is that our menus are completely prepared with a reasonably low cost and our aim has always been towards showing our efficacy in the food preparation, wherein we specifically cater to the Italian catering in Clifton, New Jersey (NJ).  As per the tradition of Trattoria, the food that is being served to the guest is with due humbleness and very plentiful and as a matter of fact, the food is served with complete family-style on the table. 


Our Italian Catering specialty in La Riviera Trattoria at Clifton in New Jersey

We at La Rivera Trattoria have been always preferred restaurant in Clifton, New Jersey (NJ) among the vast guest list in reference to the kind of memorable experience that they are looking for. On par with this, we have been constantly striving hard to implement and execute these preferences as set by these guests, further La Riviera Trattoria management has been quite successful and also takes its pride in offering the custom tailor the menu as per their preferences for them and their guests, in reference to offering certain specific Italian cuisines.  


The Chef-The Owner La Riviera Trattoria

Franco Carlino, brings with him the exceptional standards and the formal training that he had in reference to conceptualizing the perfect blend of Italian cuisines, further enhances the taste in the cuisines. On the contrary, his wife Danica, daughter Maria, and son Antonio, all three of them combined together to ensure that the quality is well maintained along with the ambience in the restaurant.

We at La Rivera Trattoria have got ample space which could accommodate to host the few events such as:

• Holiday parties
• Business Functions
• Birthdays
• Wine events

On the contrary to this; our Italian catering facility in Clifton in New Jersey (NJ) has been able to cater to the complete range of Italian cuisines which could very well be accommodated to serve 65 people at once at our private dining room.

La Riviera Trattoria range of Italian Catering has been able to serve the gluten free menu for lunch and dinner.

We at La Riviera Trattoria understand that, gluten based food has always been a contributor for certain celiac problems, we also understand that these gluten is primarily found in certain grains, such as the wheat, barley, rye and certain hybrid variant of a cross between the wheat and rye called as triticale. As per our findings, gluten in rice and wheat have been predominantly causing certain inflammation in the small intestines and in the course of time leading to the celiac diseases, hence consuming the gluten-free diet always helps people with certain complications.

We at La Rivera Trattoria in Clifton, New Jersey (NJ), have always been placing their emphasis on getting rid of the glutens and constantly offer their guest with a gluten free diet, hence assuring them the good health and also relishing the finest tasting experience to our guest during their dine with us. We therefore use separate grills, pots, strainers and utensils in place; when handling the gluten free food and our trained Italian catering staff have been specifically handling these methods in the preparation and serving the guests with gluten free food.

La Riviera Trattoria in Clifton in New Jersey (NJ) boosts of having some specific amenities

La Riviera Trattoria in Clifton, New Jersey (NJ) apart from maintaining the authentic and traditional Italian experience in Clifton, New Jersey (NJ) have specifically accommodate for hosting certain parties which could eventually hold up to 60 people or more at once, which has been always ideal for some rehearsal dinners and birthday parties. 


La Riviera Trattoria Range of Cuisines in Clifton, New Jersey

In general, our range of cuisines at La Riviera Trattoria has been categorized into the following:

Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu
Dessert Menu
Gluten Free Menu
Party Menu
Holiday Menu
Repast Menu 

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