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La Riviera Trattoria has been in business over 35 years! 

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As a family restaurant that has been in service for 40 years, we are going through a time of hardship.  We are placing the health and safety of the community as ourmain priority and following the proper guidelines the state has provided.  We will have (free) delivery and takeout options until 7:00pm. As for the menu, it has been reduced in order to maintain quality and absolute freshness of our products. Due to the long experience of serving gluten free food for the last 13 years, we are implementing our safety protocols and procedures for all our menus. The restaurant is taking every precaution to keep clean, sanitize, sterilize all the surfaces, equipment, and supplies.  GLOVES WILL BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.  Please Be Safe and Stay Clean.


Our Story!

La Riviera Trattoria has been in business over 35 years due to the quality of our food, excellent customer service and ambiance. Franco Carlino, chef and owner, creates dishes that are simple yet decadent by using the freshest ingredients to create that authentic flavor reminiscent of Old World Italian home-style cooking.
We can host any special events up to 65 people in our private dining room. Our catering menu may be customized to accommodate any special requests. Franco Carlino, wife Danica, daughter Maria and son Antonio welcome you to join us for dinner.


Super antipasto for one $15 for 2 $19

Burrata with Speck a delicate cheese made from mozzarella and cream with north Italy smoky prosciutto – 14

Stuffed Artichoke – 11

Mozzarella Kisses - 14

Bite size fresh mozzarella with tomato & prosciutto

Spedino alla Romana – 11

White bread with mozzarella and ham drizzled with anchovie butter sauce


Sea Food Salad – 16

Combination of calamari, shrimp and octopus with celery, onion, tomato in extra virgin olive oil and lemon dressing

La Primavera – 14

With rugola, radicchio, endive, provolone, mozzarella, bell pepper, tomato, mushroom, and heart artichoke, house dressing

Rugola with Tomato –10

La Tricolore – 10

Rugola, radicchio, endive and tomatoe


Meat Tortellini in Brodo (beef broth) – 9

Pasta & Fagioli – 9

Stracciatella alla Romana – 9

Eggs drop soup with cheese


Orecchiette Del Bosco

Homemade pasta traditional from Puglia is prepared with wild mushrooms and a zest of truffle sauce – 16

Spaghetti with Veal Meat Balls – 16

With our popular tender veal meatball in our homemade tomato sauce and parmigiana cheese

Lasagna alla Bolognese-16

Meat Tortellini alla Bolognese– 15

Fusilli Avellino -15

Homemade pasta with fresh broccoli in a garlic sauce and a touch of tomatoe

Fettuccine alla Matriciana-15

sautée onion, Italian  pancetta, marinara sauce 

Linguine Vongole-16

small manilla clams in a red or white sauce

Cheese Ravioli – 14

Tomatoe sauce and a touch of cream

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca – 14

A napolitana dish with minced hot cherry peppers, capers, anchovies, black olives in a marinara sauce

Penne alla vodka – 14 with grilled chicken - 17


Breast Chicken Marengo – 18

Signature dish of 38th year and still the most popular. Chicken saute with red wine vinegar and garlic.

ChickenFrancese – 18

in a lemon and white wine sauce

Chicken Parmigiana – 18

Eggplant Parmigiana – 17

Veal Pizzaiola – 20

Authentic neapoletan recipe with capers, black olives, basil, oregano in a marinara sauce

Veal Piccata – 20

Lemon white wine sauce with capers

Veal Ai Funghi – 20

Veal Milanese – 20

Veal Parmigiana – 20


Linguine Marechiaro – 22

Shrimp, scallops, calamari, clams, mussel and herbs in light tomato sauce

Wild Farao Island Salmon – 21

Served in a white wine sauce with shallots or grilled

Calamari Costa-Viola – 21

Tender and small calamari over spaghetti, garlic, basilin a marinara sauce

Shrimp Marinara – 20

Over linguine

Shrimp Scampi – 20

Over linguine in a garlic sauce

Fresh Fillet of Basa 

Francese or Lemon White Wine– 20

Main courses will be served with a salad


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Take a peak at the dishes that made our restaurant a NJ hit.


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